Average 23.2 mm rain in the district in six days.

Belgaum district received an average of 23.2 mm in the last six days of July. Rainfall has been recorded and the highest is 78.8 mm. Rainfall in Khanapur taluka is the lowest at 4.7 mm. Rain has occurred in Gokak taluk.

Last June, the district received 26.84 mm of rain. But now since last July 2, due to the increase in rainfall, so far 23.2 mm. Rain has been recorded. Every year in the month of July, the district receives an average of 184 mm. It’s raining.

This year last July 3mm on 1st, 2.25mm on 2nd, 5.72mm on 3rd, 4.27mm on 4th, 0.91mm on 5th. and 7.04 mm on 6 Rain has been recorded. 12.6 mm in Athani taluka, 21.2 mm in Bailakhongal, 36.2 mm in Belgaum, 24.2 mm in Chikkodi, 4.7 mm in Gokak, 17.8 mm in Hukkeri, 9.6 mm in Kagwad in these six days. .m., 78.2 mm in Khanapur taluka, 23.1 mm in Kittur, 27.9 mm in Mudalgi, 24.2 mm in Nipani, 13.2 mm in Raibag, 10.2 mm in Ramdurg. while in Saundatti 21.2 mm. Rain has been recorded.

Following are the total rainfall recorded in the last 6 days at different locations of rain gauge stations in Belgaum taluka district wise. Belgaum IB 36.2 mm, Belgaum Railway 37.0 mm, Bagewadi 32.2 mm, Desur 68.6 mm, Kakati 26.9 mm, Rakskop 90.7 mm, Sambara 25.7 mm. , Santibastwad 79.1 mm, Sulebhavi 25.6 mm, Uchgaon 59.1 mm.

Due to the late onset of rain this year, there was less rainfall in the month of June. Although the rains have started in the month of July, it still hasn’t rained. So everyone including the farmers are waiting for heavy rains.

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