Belgaum Cantonment Board Election in the month of April

Belgaum- General elections of Belgaum Cantonment Council have been announced and these elections are going to be held on 30th April 2023.

The election of Belgaum Cantonment Council, which is number 15 out of 57 cantonment councils in the country, will be held as per sub-section 1 of the Central Government’s Cantonment Act 2006 (41) 15. An official order in this regard has been released by the Ministry of Defense recently.

Belgaum Cantonment Parishad, which is the only Cantonment Parishad in the state of Karnataka, is recognized as independent. Belgaum Cantonment Parishad, which has a population of around 15 thousand, was established in the year 1832 and recently there were movements to classify the Cantonment Parishad under the scope of the Municipal Corporation.

But with the announcement of camp council elections, the camp council will continue to exist for the next 5 years. Soon the code of conduct will also be announced and the preparation of the election will be speeded up by the interested candidates.

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