Child injured in stray dog ​​attack

Since the Municipal Corporation has not yet succeeded in controlling the stray dogs in Belgaum city, their nuisance has increased and a 3-year-old child was injured in an attack by a stray dog ​​today in Angol.

According to this information, a 3-year-old boy named Shivam was attacked by stray dogs on Friday morning in the area in front of school number 20 in Angol. Shivam was injured in this attack and is undergoing treatment.

Shivam has injuries on his back along with his limbs due to dog bites. As soon as he got the information about the incident, former corporator Vinayak Gunjatkar immediately rushed to the spot.

Also, the injured child Shivam has been taken to Civil Hospital for treatment. Even though the Belgaum Municipal Corporation has started a campaign against stray dogs, the nuisance of these dogs in the city has not been reduced yet.

Due to today’s incident of stray dogs attacking a child in Angol, the demand that the Municipal Corporation should deal with the nuisance stray dogs on a war footing has started gaining momentum again. Belgaum Municipal Corporation has failed to take care of stray dogs. Former Nagsevak Vinayak Gunjatkar has demanded to take care of stray dogs.

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