Citizens also breathed a sigh of relief from political banners

Belgaum city is surrounded by nature. There are many things that add to the beauty of Belgaum. But the work of covering the beauty of Belgaum is often done through banners and this makes the road suffocate. The streets covered with banners spoil the beauty of Belgaum. And most of the citizens are also disgusted by it. But the common citizen can hardly raise his voice against this.

For the last few months, the excitement of elections was going on across the state. In the wake of the election, various leaders planned a tour of Belgaum. Many programs were organized for the promotion. And in the wake of the election, there was a rush of aspirants. To appease the leaders of the high command, for many reasons, including for candidacy, for office, those who entered politics, aspiring candidates, grandmothers – former representatives started holding banners on the streets of the city.

This banner battle grew to such a large extent that every square, every street, on the high arches, the advertisements of political figures were displayed through banners. But due to this, the streets of Belgaum and in turn the citizens were suffocated. In the intervening period the administration and the Cantonment Board removed the plaques from some places on the ground of code of conduct as well as for various reasons. Action was also taken against illegal boards in some places. But the banners in the main square of the city have not been removed. Citizens felt a different kind of change in the atmosphere of Belgaum due to the banner fight. Citizens passing through the streets could be seen reacting with humor, sarcasm and sometimes anger.

Now the election frenzy has calmed down and the banner-baji has got some rest. A new government came to power in the state. And slowly the situation began to return to normal. All the banners were removed in Dharamveer Sambhaji Chowk last 1 – 1.5 months ago. Due to this action, citizens could see the real beauty of Dharmaveer Sambhaji Chowk. A few banners are still visible in Rani Kittur Channamma Chowk, one of the main squares of the city. Banners of political figures have now been somewhat removed, except those informing about government schemes and the banners of organizations and organizations.

The banners on the roads and intersections have got some rest and now the people of Belgaum who are passing through the streets are having a different experience while walking in the city of Belgaum. Citizens are also expressing their satisfaction as the roads are freed from political banners.

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