Deep resentment over suspended services at Belgaum airport;

Belgaum Airport facilities have seen a lot of progress recently. Citizens who travel by air were expressing their satisfaction after the start of air services connecting Belgaum to other cities and states. Various air transport companies have also provided air travel facilities to various places with more emphasis on Belgaum airport.

Belgaum Airport was also included among the busiest airports in the state and the airports with the highest number of flights. Even congested Hubli was overtaken by Belgaum last month. However, suddenly 12 flight services were canceled one after the other and citizens started expressing their displeasure due to the inconvenience at the airport. AAP youth leader and social activist Rajeev Topannavar has criticized that the suspension of the flight service is affecting the economy and education of Belgaum. This tweet is getting a huge response on social media and BJP leaders in the city are being condemned.

When development stalls, BJP leaders mislead the people by competing ideas through various contests. From the point of view of the leaders, the economy of the city, as well as health and education, have a negligible priority. The text of such content is mentioned in the tweet of social activist Rajkumar alias Rajeev Topannavar. Many reactions have been expressed on this tweet and some netizens have suggested Topannavar to include the issue of competition with the neighboring airport in his tweet.

Similarly, others have also responded in many ways. Some have expressed the opinion that the present condition of the airport is not good due to poor infrastructure, non-expansion of the airport. It has also been expressed that after the end of the period of the Udana scheme, the air travel has increased by two to three times and the airline service is being cancelled.

Some have also alleged that Belgaum politicians are responsible for the degradation of Belgaum Airport which is in progress and that these politicians are unemployed. After the decline of Belgaum, Belgaum will be swallowed up by other cities, which necessitates a change in the leadership of the city itself. Moreover, the progress of the airport in Hubli city, which is progressing after Belgaum, is in an upward graph, and if this affects the Belgaum airport in the future, there is nothing to worry about, and there is no reason to be surprised.

Some have opined that the ministers in Hubli are taking advantage of the inactive political leaders in Belgaon and the Belgaon leadership is not strong. Reactions have also been expressed that Belgaum is losing everything because politicians in Belgaum do not have the strength to speak and protest.

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