‘Films are won by team work, not by one’: Rupesh Shetty

Mangalore: ‘The film won not because of one person. My entire team has worked hard day and night for this. Most of them make Tulu movies with love for the language, but they rush the release. It is a pity that even good movies are losing due to this. Therefore, there should be no competition during the release of the movie”.
Because journalist friends have stood by me and encouraged me at every stage of my life, the circus movie has succeeded in entertaining people at home and abroad. The investment made by the producers of the film has come back. Thanks to every viewer for this. Prasanna Shetty, who has written the dialogues for Girgit, Gamjal and Circus, is Bailuru’s Nai Spina. I have to thank them,” said Rupesh Shetty, director of Circus.

He was speaking at a success meet called after his directed and acted Tulu movie ‘Circus’ released on June 23 worldwide and became an unprecedented success.
Speaking later, Bhojraj Vamanjooru said, “I feel proud to talk about the film Circus. Because the movie is making a name not only in Tulunadu but also in the country and abroad. The cooperation of media friends is very necessary to win the movie. Similarly, the movie has won the love of the audience of all religions. Thank you all for that. The movie got a good name as a result of continuous efforts made by Rupesh Shetty team. In the same way, may all of you encourage all the upcoming Tulu films.’

Prasanna Shetty Bailur, who has written the dialogue for the film, said, “I am a small artist who came to limelight through Bale Telepale. I would like to thank Rupesh Shetty for recognizing me and allowing me to write dialogues in the film. Not only Mangalore but also Bengaluru Kannadigas are laughing at the comedy scenes of the film. Even if the language is not understood, the performance of the artistes has touched the people and it is due to Rupesh Shetty’s efficient direction,” he said.

Actress Rachana Rai, Bhojaraj Vamanjoor, Panchami Vamanjoor, Prasanna Shetty Bailur, Sandeep Shetty, Naveen Shetty, Producer Manjunath Attavar, Music Director Loy Valentine D’Souza, Film Distributor Sachin A.S. Uppinangadi and others were present.

First Tulu film released in more than 130 theatres:
Circus has been released in 130 theaters in 14 countries so far. Along with this, it is also the first Tulu ‘Pan India’ film to be released across the country. Seeing the hard work of the circus film team, Bharat Cinemas decided to give a percentage of the revenue of the Kannada films to the circus, but the condition was that 18000 people should watch it in the theaters of his company in the first week. The decision of Balakrishna Shetty, the head of Bharat Cinemas, is a very big cooperation for the circus team.

Return of capital invested by producers:
The investment that the producers have already invested in the film has come back.
Both Girigit and Circus directed by Rupesh Shetty are super hits. Prasanna Shetty, who wrote the dialogues for Girigit, also wrote the dialogues for this movie. Yash Shetty of “Salaga” fame is introduced to Tulu through circus. Similarly, an actress named Rachana Rai has been introduced to Tulu cinema.
Naveen D. is a prominent artist of Tulu cinema. Padil, Bhojaraj Vamanjoor, Arvind Bolar, Saikrishna Kudla, Prasanna Shetty Bailur, Sandeep Shetty Manibettu, Umesh Mizar, Chandrahasa Ullal, Nitesh Shetty Ekkar, Pradeep Alva, Roopa Varkadi, Panchami Bhojraj are in the cast. Circus movie is produced under the banner of Shulin Films, Mugrodi Films. Anil Shetty, Sudhakar Shetty, Manjunath Attavar have produced this film.

Environmental degradation has occurred along the coast. The film has dialogues by Prasanna Shetty Bailur, choreography by Naveen Shetty, camera by Niranjan Das, editing by Rahul Vashishtha, music by Loy.

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