Historic Roadshow; An unprecedented reception for the Prime Minister in the city

Modi! Modi! Modi! The people of Belgaum today welcomed their beloved Prime Minister Narendra Modi in a huge jubilation in a huge jubilant atmosphere like Bharat Mata Ki Jai. The Prime Minister’s historic road show in Belgaum was held with tremendous response from the city dwellers.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s road show started from Rani Kittur Channamma Chowk in the city after his arrival at the helipad at KSRP Maidan at APMC this afternoon. From Channamma Circle to College Road, Dharamveer Sambhaji Chowk, Ramling Khind Galli, Tilak Chowk, Hutatma Hemu Kalani Chowk, Shani Mandir, Kapileshwar Railway Over Bridge, SPM Road, Ch. Shivaji Udyan, Old P. B. About 10 kms to public meeting place at Malini City via road. I. This road show of distance was done.

During the road show, Prime Minister Narendra Modi, surrounded by his personal security system, stood at the left door of his special bulletproof car and waved to the citizens standing on both sides of the road. Flowers were showered on the Prime Minister at various places on the route of the road show. The Prime Minister, who was standing in the car from Channamma Circle to Shani Mandir, took some rest in the car at Kapileshwar Railway Over Bridge.

After that they went back to the carPm modi road show He was standing at the door and greeting people. The heavy armed commandos with black goggles wearing black coats, suits and ties running both ways with the Prime Minister’s car were attracting attention.

From Kapileshwar Railway Over Bridge on the next line. The Prime Minister was received with a rousing welcome by showering flowers to the sound of drums near Shivaji Udyan. At this place Suhasini women were seen welcoming Modiji with mangal kalash on her head. The people of Belgaum were very enthusiastic while welcoming their beloved Prime Minister along the entire roadshow route. Cutouts of Prime Minister Narendra Modi along with Surgical Strike etc. were placed on the roadshow route. Joy was being expressed by the sound of drums and drums.

Citizens were seen thronging the buildings on both sides of the roadshow road to see Prime Minister Modi. The Prime Minister was showered with flowers in such profusion that his bodyguard had to constantly clean the windscreen of the car. Chants of Modi, Modi, Modi along with the slogan Bharat Mata Ki Jai left the road leading to Malini City in a standing ovation on both sides.Modi road show

Some fans were seen running along the other side of the road with the Prime Minister’s convoy. The presence of women wearing saffron fetes on the road show route in Belgaum South Constituency was significant. The arrival of Prime Minister Narendra Modi on the route of the entire road show created a festive atmosphere. Prime Minister’s security team will cover the entire 10 km route of the road show. I. The distance was completed by walking and running with the Prime Minister’s car.

Despite all this, there was no dew on his face, he looked alert and refreshed. This gave an idea of ​​their fitness and efficiency. The state police administration was also seen to have planned the Prime Minister’s security very well. This historic road show of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, which received an unprecedented response from the city dwellers, finally ended successfully at Malini City.

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