Human skulls found on the river bank!

Belgaum  -Kagal –  :Human skulls have been found on the river bank of Shidhalli village in Kagal taluka of Kolhapur district on the Maharashtra-Karnataka border.

This type has been found on the banks of river Dudhganga in this area and this type has come to light when the farmer went to wash the animals. As soon as the local citizens noticed this, they immediately reported this information to the Kagal police station. As soon as the information about the incident came to light, police officers and staff visited the spot. The police have started further investigation into the matter and all the four skulls have been taken into custody by the police.

Such incidents are happening regularly in Karnataka and Maharashtra and it is becoming a headache for the police. In this matter, the Maharashtra-Kagal police have also informed the Karnataka police and the seized skulls have been sent to the Kagal taluka hospital.Skull

More investigation has been undertaken in this matter and all attention has been drawn to what will be done from the police information regarding the police investigation.

Due to prolonged monsoon, the water level of river Dudhganga has decreased. Due to this the river has reached the bottom and as a result such things are coming forward. The discovery of four human skulls at the same place in Shidanalli village has raised many doubts. As soon as this matter was understood, there was a huge crowd of citizens to see these skulls.

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