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To land any job, it is important to prepare well in advance for all stages of the selection process for that job. Only then can you get a job guarantee. Happily, writing the exam without any preparation or appearing for the interview is of no use. Thus, in today’s article, a list of common and probable questions asked about banking in the interview for IBPS Specialist Officer posts is given for the convenience of the candidates. Following is the list of questions asked by some who are already SO in Banks.

Those appearing for the interview for SO posts should remember to prepare to answer the following questions.

1. Who is the Governor of Reserve Bank of India? Who is RBI Deputy Governor?
2. Who is the Chairman of SBI?
3. Tell us about the basics of monetary policy?
4. Explain about RBI functions?
5. Explain about the schemes, products launched by some banks recently?
6. Describe your professional knowledge to join the bank?
7. What is CBS?
8. What is Core?
9. What is Green Channel?
10. What is NEFT / RTGS?

Here is the list of basic questions asked in IBPS Specialist Officer Interview.

11. What is IMPS?
12. Any ideas to develop banking services?
13. What are PO’s?
14. What is plastic currency?
15. What is an ATM?
16. What is a debit card? What is a credit card?
17. What are the different types of accounts? What are their symptoms?
18. What is Fixed Deposit?
19. What is TDR / STDR?
20. What is a gift card?

How to prepare for bank job interview?

21. What is Dubai Crisis?
22. What is Subprime Crisis?
23. What is repo rate?
24. What is Reverse Repo?
25. What is bank rate?
26. What is SLR?
27. What is CRR?
28. What is call money rate?
29. What is prime lending rate?
30. What is e-commerce?
31. What is M-Commerce?
32. Define what is marketing?
33. What is NPA?
34. Explain about SAFRAESI Act..
35. What are NBFCs?
36. Explain about online banking..
37. Explain about mobile banking.

Be prepared to answer these questions to go for a bank job interview.

Questions on Current Affairs / Topic (Possible)
1. Fiscal Cliff
2. Anti-Rape Law.
3. Gujarat Elections / Karnataka Elections
4. FDI in Retail / Aviation and Broadcasting
5. Banking NPA
6. Banking Laws Amendment Bill
7. Bessel 3rd Norms
8. CRR problem
9. India / Pakistan Series
10. COP Summit
11. Anti-Corruption Movement
12. Aam Aadmi Party / Arvind Kejriwal / Anna Hazare / VK Singh
13. Coal Gate Scam
14. Srinivasa Ramanujan
15. Union Budget 2023
16. Karnataka State Budget 2023

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