indian defense recruitment 2023, good news: recruitment of 1.75 lakh firemen by 2026, 50% candidates permanent target? – indian defense to hire 1 75 lakh agniveer post before 2026 50 percent candidates may hire in permanent commission

Join the Indian Army and serve the country. Should get Central Govt Salary. Graduation courses should be completed along with government work. Those who have so many career aspirations have heard a great good news.

The central government has taken a major decision to increase the strength of the country’s army and to fill the posts of soldiers who are deficient. It is expected to fill 1.75 lakh firemen by 2026. The recruitment number of fire fighters is currently 46,000 and will increase to 1.25 lakh. Lt. Anil Puri, Additional Secretary, Department of Military Affairs, Ministry of Defence, said about this.

Not only this much good news but also other sweet news has been heard regarding the recruitment of Agnipatha Agniveera of the military forces.

Jobs for NCC Students in Indian Military Force: Applications Invited

Expect to increase the maximum age limit!
At present, maximum age limit for recruitment of fire fighters is 21 years. The problem is getting enough qualified candidates from this rule. Hence it is proposed to raise the upper age limit to 23 years. Sources said that it is expected that the citizens of the country who come out after completing their diploma will be available for recruitment.

Candidates who have completed at least 17 years, 6 months and not exceeding 21 years are allowed to apply for the post of Agniveera.

JAG Entry Scheme Recruitment 2023: Calling for applications from law graduates for military posts

Permanent appointment of 50% candidates?
In order to overcome the shortage of soldiers in the army, the army is planning to increase the number of permanent recruits to 50 percent. It is also proposed that a review is being conducted to recruit qualified candidates for aeronautical, engineering, electronics and other technical departments.

Currently there is a shortfall of 1,04,053 soldiers in the Army, 12,431 in the Navy and 5,471 in the Air Force.

Indian Army SSC Tech Entry Posts Recruitment: BE Passed Salary Rs.56,000..

Indian Defense Forces Firefighters Salary and Benefits Details
Salary Information for Firefighters
First year: Rs.30,000 plus other allowances.
Second year: Rs.33,000 plus other allowances.
Third year: Rs.36,500 plus other allowances.
Fourth year: Rs.40,000 plus other allowances.

Other facilities
– Salary ranges from Rs.4.76 lakhs per annum to Rs.6.72 lakhs in the fourth year.
– Seva Nidhi Package is Rs.11.71 lakh tax free after 4 years of retirement.
– There will be an insurance package of Rs.48 lakh.
– Awarded Agniveer Skill Certificate.

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