job opportunities after iilm bba pass, what are the career options for IILM BBA, IISER graduates? What are the job opportunities? – career tips for bba mba and other graduates and post graduates in Kannada

What jobs can students expect after completing BBA at IILM?

BBA Graduates from Institute of Integrated Learning in Management VV as Branch Managers, Retail Managers, Human Resource Managers, Event Managers, Operations Managers, Business Owners/Founders or Co-Founders of Startups, Family Business Owners/Partners, Business Consultants, You can make a career as a sales manager .

What are the career opportunities for IISER graduates?


Graduates of Indian Institute of Science Education and Research have many job opportunities. Common among them are work in research field, get higher education, work in science communication, start own company in science and technology industry, get government job in scientific research/education/administrative department of government.

What are some top paying jobs in India?

What are some top paying jobs in India?

Surgeons, Physicians, Chief Executive Officers, Dentists, Data Scientists, Investment Bankers, Software Engineers, Lawyers, Airline Pilots, IT Managers, Others.

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Which are the highest paying companies in Bangalore?

Which are the highest paying companies in Bangalore?

Google, Microsoft, Amazon, Adobe, Intel, Cisco Systems, IBM, Infosys, Wipro and others.

What is the salary of an accountant in India? Here is the required qualification, experience, skills information..

How much salary can an MBA graduate with 5 years experience earn in Dubai?


It is not the MBA degree certificate that determines the salary. It depends on the field of MBA graduate, what is the job role, what are the skills. Hence average salary cannot be evaluated. And if you want to know, you can search how much the salary is based on the field and job roll.

How can freshers get high paying jobs in India? Here are some simple tips.

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