jobs you can get with business degree, what kind of jobs can those who have studied commerce study in any field? – Entry level business degree job opportunities with high paying

Bachelors and Masters in Commerce or Business Studies today can forge a career in many high-paying fields. They are Accounting, Marketing, Human Resource, Management, Marketing Management, Sales Management, Sales, Management Analyst, Project Manager, Market Research, Financial Manager, Financial Advisor, Supply Chain Management, Data Analyst, Business Consultant, Finance, Financial Analyst, Business Analyst , Operations Management, Management Consultant, Investment Backing, International Business, Budget Analyst, Others.

Pursuing a degree in Commerce can be said to be a hand above all other degrees. This is because the degree holders are able to venture into many different fields at an early stage. Detailed information about some careers can be found here.

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Accounting / Finance Jobs
Finance and accountancy are usually taught in the curriculum of business degrees. But if you decide to make a career in these fields, more training is required. Therefore, it is advisable to pursue a master’s degree in a particular subject while working.

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Management Jobs
Becoming a manager of a company is not easy. This is the duty of supervising tens of thousands of tasks at the same time, more work than the office hours, one responsibility at a time. But it has to be said that it is good to handle this responsibility as the salary level is high in the management sector and there are chances of getting promoted quickly. However, it should be noted that it is a little difficult to go directly to the manager position until you get work experience at the middle level.

Retail and Sales Field Jobs
Business degree holders have many excellent opportunities in this field. There are also jobs that include working in a store or office, traveling abroad for sales and marketing. Auditing, banking, communication, freight and supply, media relations, public relations, risk management and many more job opportunities are available in retail and sales.

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Jobs in Marketing and Advertising
There are a lot of attractive job opportunities for business degree holders in this field. This field is tailor-made for creative people. Here are jobs dealing with responsibilities like market research, developing marketing strategy, liaising with client companies, mentoring designers and printers.

Jobs in HR field
One of the most important tasks a company needs is to mobilize its human resources. HR department handles all matters like recruitment, training, salary fixation of staff. If you have good communication skills, in-depth knowledge of the workings of a particular industry, awareness of labor laws and know-how about recruitment, you can join the HR department.

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