‘Let’s Get Married’ movie trailer out

It is known that Captain Cool MS Dhoni has entered the world of cinema. He started his own production company Dhoni Entertainment, under this company Dhoni’s wife Sakshi Dhoni produced a Tamil movie called ‘Let’s Get Married’. The trailer and audio launch event of this film was held in Chennai. Captain Cool unveiled the trailer of his production company’s debut movie and shared many things.

MS Dhoni said, I have seen this movie. The movie is very entertaining. I can watch this movie with my daughter. She asks too many questions. The entire crew has done a wonderful job. I am proud of the way they handled this project. When I told my wife to make a film, I only said that making a film is not like designing a house. You paint the wall. You don’t like it, you change the color. Then, you realize that the first color is better. Then you color it again.. You can’t do that in movies. The movie ‘Let’s Get Married’ will hit the theaters in a few days. He said it was a story between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law.

Directed by Ramesh Tamilmani, the film features Harish Kalyan and Evana in lead roles. A pure family entertainer, ‘Let’s Get Married’ will hit the screens soon.

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