Many mini Kashmirs in West Bengal: Vivek Agnihotri

Kolkata: Vivek Agnihotri, director of “The Kashmir Files”, who has lashed out at West Bengal’s ruling Trinamool Congress and Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee, said on Sunday that many parts of the eastern state had turned into a “mini Kashmir”.

Addressing a seminar here on the theme “India’s Heritage: From Kashmir to Bengal”, Agnihotri asserted that West Bengal is a hotbed of corruption, cheap talks and communal violence.

He said Bengal’s rich cultural heritage has been tarnished by “some negative instances in recent times”.

I tried to make a film about the 1946 communal riots in Bengal. For that I sent a team of researchers to interview some of the survivors who witnessed the riots. But they were not allowed to work there,” said Agnihotri.

Asserting that Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee has failed to control violence in the state, the director of ‘The Kashmir Files’ said that no one can even move freely in West Bengal.

“There are already many ‘mini Kashmirs’ in Bengal. However, I have decided to convey the real story of Bengal to the public through my film. I have to complete that work before the whole of Bengal becomes Kashmir,” he said.

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