Need to be careful while doing tourism in Khanapur Western Ghats

When the rainy season begins, the Western Ghats of Khanapur taluka are crowded with tourists to enjoy the nature with its magnificent waterfalls. Although the nature here is spectacular during the monsoons, there are dangers that were not present at the moment at the places of interest. Many people are losing their lives because they have no clue. As a precaution, the Kankumbi Forest Department has restricted access to the waterfall in the forest.

The jungles of the Western Ghats of Khanapur are mesmerizing with sparkling white water streams, gushing waterfalls and thick mist covering the green hills. While a photo from the monsoon season may seem fascinating, the temptation of extreme selfies, water fun and stunts is killing many people. Thousands of tourists come to the top of the ghat to experience the enchanting beauty of the waterfalls of Man, Huland, Parwad, Chikhle and Chigule around Kankumbi village. However, young people who do not have a good idea of ​​the dangers here are falling victim to separate accidents. Dive into the water without any knowledge of the locations and dangers of the falls has proved fatal for many in the past.

At present Manche Shimboli waterfall is a big attraction for tourists. Recently, thousands of tourists are visiting here on Saturdays and Sundays as this waterfall has become famous. Interestingly, male villagers also avoid going to this waterfall. This area of ​​the ghat is covered by dense forest. This forest is a haven for wild animals like tigers and bears. There are many caves in the area of ​​the waterfall. There are definitely bears to be seen. However, these crises do not seem to affect the youth. These bold embraces have increased in recent times.Forest

Another important aspect is that the Western Ghats receive sudden misty rains, waterfalls are located on the slopes of the Ghats. Therefore, heavy rains on the top of the ghat cause the flow of the waterfall to double within a few seconds. In such a case, the seemingly safe doh suddenly crosses the danger level. Therefore, the tourists who have no idea about this sudden danger are bringing the crisis on themselves. This is why the Kankumbi Forest Department has restricted access to the dangerous waterfall.

Also trespassing into reserved forest is punishable under section 24 of Karnataka Forest Act 1663. (Imprisonment for one year and fine) Notice : No entry to falls/waterfalls is also posted by the forest department on the road leading to the respective falls.

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