‘Oh My God 2’ in Anxiety

The Censor Board has not yet given the certificate to the famous Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar’s movie ‘Oh My God 2’. Naturally, the film crew is worried. The film team had announced to release the movie ‘Oh My God 2’ on August 11. However, the Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC) refused to grant the censor letter to the film. Also, this movie has been sent to the review committee.

Akshay Kumar played the role of Shiva in this movie. It is said that he is going to teach sex education through this character. That is why the censor letter has been refused. However, the previously released teaser has received a censor letter.

The first part of this movie was released in 2012. Now part 2 is ready and Akshay’s character has also changed. Akshay Kumar appeared as Krishna in the movie Oh My God which was released ten years ago. This time he is in the avatar of Shiva.

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