Raj B Shetty got his nose pierced for the film ‘Tobi’

Raj B Shetty starrer Tobi will be released after another month. Raj B Shetty claims that this is the first time that he is acting in a movie with mass elevation. The story of the movie is written by TK Dayanand while the cinematography is by Raj B Shetty.

Raj played the lead role in the movie, the teaser and posters have already been released and have gone viral. The picture of Raj B Shetty wearing a big nose ring has attracted attention in the poster. Raj B Shetty, as if he really had his nose pierced for Tobi. That video has just been released.

Raj B Shetty has got a bigger nose piercing than normal nose piercings. Raj B Shetta was comfortable when he first got his nose pierced, but later he started to feel pain at the place where his nose was pierced. During the shooting, Shetta’s hand was shot and his nose and nostril fell out. His assistant director remembers that it also caused severe pain to Shettri.


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