Rajinikanth movie ‘Jailer’ name controversy

Rajinikanth is starring in a new Pan India movie named Jailer, the movie also features Kannada star actor Shivraj Kumar along with Rajinikanth. Apart from these two, star actors from different film industries have acted together in this movie and the movie ‘Jailor’ will be released in a few days. But the name of the movie is now causing controversy. There has been a demand from the neighboring film industry to change the name of the movie.

The movie is named ‘Jailer’ because Rajinikanth has played the role of a jailer. But a producer and a director of Malayalam cinema took issue with the name of the movie and demanded to change the name of the movie. He also asked that a press conference should be held and the name of the movie should be changed, at least in Kerala, the movie should be released with a different name.

A Malayalam movie titled ‘Jailor’ is all set for release. Dhyan Srinivasan acted in Malayalam movie ‘Jailor’ directed by Sakkir Madattil. Produced by NK Mohammed. The stories of Tamil ‘Jailor’ and Malayalam ‘Jailor’ movies are very different from each other but the names of the movies are same. So the Malayalam ‘Jailor’ film team has appealed to Sun Pictures, the production company of the Tamil ‘Jailor’ movie, to change the name of the movie and release it at least in Kerala.

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