Ram Charan-Upasana named her daughter ‘Klin Kara’

Tollywood star Ram Charan and Upasana, who recently welcomed a cute baby girl, have just named it. The cute baby was named in the presence of family and friends. On the morning of June 20, Upasana gave birth to a baby girl.

Ram Charan and Upasana have been showered with wishes. Upasana gave birth to a baby girl at Apollo Hospital, Hyderabad. After 3 days of giving birth, Upasana returned home after being discharged from the hospital and now she is celebrating the naming ceremony.

Thus the daughter has been named ‘Klin Kara Konidela’. Chiranjeevi’s family has disclosed this on social media. Klin Kara means divine mother power. It has been revealed that this name is taken from Lalita Sahasranama. ‘Klin Kara’ represents the embodiment of nature. Encompasses the Supreme Power of the Divine Mother ‘Shakti’. And explained the name as having a powerful vibration.

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