Ramnagar unmoderated road is open for heavy traffic despite the incomplete section

After four years of closure due to the construction of the Belgaum-Goa National Highway, the Karwar District Collector has officially reopened the Anmod Ghat road for all types of vehicles, including heavy vehicles.

This is good news for the commuters who are eagerly waiting for the road to become available for smooth traffic. However, the reopening of the road has led to traffic jams on the Anmod-Ramnagar road due to incomplete and pending road works.

According to a traveler Kiran on Twitter, none of the bridges on this route have been completed and all remain incomplete. The roads are very narrow and muddy, making it difficult for trucks to pass, creating roadblocks. Moreover, many accidents have occurred due to heavy trucks slipping due to narrow roads.

The authorities must take immediate action to complete the pending road works and ensure the safety of commuters.

Incomplete bridges and narrow roads not only cause inconvenience but also pose a serious threat to the lives of road users. It is time for the authorities to prioritize the completion of road works and ensure that the roads are safe for all types of vehicles.

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