reference books for kpsc kas Here is a list of some good reference books to read for KAS exam.. – what are the reference books for kas

Karnataka Public Service Commission conducts Gazetted Probationers / KAS Examination for filling Group A and Group B posts of Karnataka State Government. Today’s article lists some reference books for those studying for this exam.

The first step of preparing for KAS exam is to know about exam pattern, syllabus, how many marks, how much effort to study, how to study, where to collect sources, which sources to study, etc. Later should sit down to read.
Not only KAS but also those who are preparing for the competitive examination of any state government posts must first read all the text books of the state syllabus from class 1-12. Then read NCERT text books. While reading these books, it is better to take short notes in a way that is convenient for you.

By reading these books you will know the basic information required for any exam (especially science, social science). Click the link below for the list of best books to read as per KAS syllabus.

Here is the list of best books to read according to KPSC KAS Syllabus..

So in today’s article, apart from school textbooks, information is given about some books that can be referred for KAS exam. The author’s name is given according to the subject.

Geography – M Ranganath
History – Books by Spectrum Publication or Bipin Chandra (India) and Suryakanta Kamat.
Polity – Laxmikant
Economics – Ramesh Singh

Mental Ability – Refer competitive exam preparation magazines and solve previous year question papers. If possible collect and read notes written by trainees in coaching centers for competitive exams.

Current Affairs
Reading editorials of daily newspapers and making notes to be updated about these sections. Reading a good monthly magazine. Reading the Economic Survey Book every year.

What is the Exam Procedure for Govt First Grade Assistant Posts? Syllabus, Salaries information is here..

Follow the below to prepare for KAS exam using technology.
Unacademy application
Our KPSC website
GKToday Website / App
Watching videos related to KAS exam on YouTube.

Preparing for time management by taking mock tests online.

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How to prepare for KPSC Exam? Know this information first.

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