Rupesh Shetty’s ‘Circus’ created a record in Tulu cinema.

Bigg Boss season 9 winner Rupesh Shetty’s new Tulu movie Circus was released on June 23 and set a record in Tulu cinema on its first day of release.

Before the release of the movie on June 23, Rupesh Shetty organized 51 special screenings of the movie in different countries of the world. The movie has received a good response in foreign countries as well. 12500 people watched the movie Circus on the day of its release.

Rupesh Shetty, who shared his happiness through a video on Instagram, did not think that ‘Circus’ would become a hit in this range. This film has written a record in Tulu cinema. 12,500 people watched this film on the first day. The movie got the biggest opening in Tulu cinema. Book My Show got 9.9 rating. “Thank you to everyone who contributed to this victory,” he said and also made some requests, “Everyone watch the movie in the first week itself. In the second week, the profit to the producer will be less. And while watching the movie, no one should live from the cinema, do not make a video and share it on social media,” he requested.

Rupesh Shetty, Naveen D Padil, Arvind Bolar, Bhojraj Vamanjoor, Saikrishna Kudla, actress Rachana Rai, Prasanna Shetty, Sandeep Shetty, Umesh Mizar, Chandrahasa Ullala, Panchami Bhojraj, Roopa Varkadi, Pradeep Alva, Nitesh Shetty are all painted in this film. .

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