Standing Committee Election: Chances of No Opposition on Five Two Formula?

In the standing committee elections, four standing committees will be with the BJP. In the history of the Maharashtra Unification Committee, there was a majority in the Maharashtra Unification Committee. The ruling party had four members and the opposition group had three members. can

Belgaum Municipality has four Standing Committees namely Finance and Taxation, Health Social Justice and Accounts along with Town Planning and Construction.

The opposition group of Belgaum municipality demanded four three from BJP, but the BJP leaders rejected the demand and proposed five two or seven zero in case of election, so finally it is understood that a consensus has been reached on such an equation.

The process of filing nomination papers for the election of various standing committees of Belgaum Municipal Corporation has started this Saturday morning and members of Bharatiya Janata Party and Congress i.e. corporators have filed nomination papers for this election of four standing committees.

Nomination papers have been filed for the chairmanship of Finance Standing Committee, Public Works Standing Committee, Revenue Standing Committee and Health Standing Committee of Belgaum Municipal Corporation.

So far, a total of 28 corporators of BJP and Congress have filed their nomination papers for the post of chairman of these four committees in the initial session this morning with an hour to go.

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