Statement to Home Minister along with DC on Bekinkere attack case

Even when the farm land dispute is sub judice, strict action should be taken against the thugs who attacked the farming family in Bekinkere (district Belgaum) with swords, pitchforks and sticks.

Also, a demand has been made to the District Collector, Police Commissioner and the Home Minister of the state by the concerned farmer family along with all Bekinkere residents to protect the affected farmer family and their farm land.

Under the leadership of BJP Belgaum Gramin Mandal Dhananjay Jadhav, Ryat Association leader Prakash Nayak, the above demand statement was submitted to the District Collector (DC) on Monday morning.

Bekinkere Last Thursday, a gang of about 50-60 goons attacked the Sawant family who were sowing paddy in the field with swords, pickaxes, and stone sticks. In this attack, Pundalik Nago Sawant (age 47), Raju Nago Sawant (age 42), Jyotiba Nago Sawant (age 45), Abhishek Pundalik Sawant (age 24), Sunita Pundalik Sawant (age 42), Kavita Raju Sawant (age 40), Vanita Jyotiba Sawant (aged 40), Karthik Raju Sawant (aged 15), Sriraj Sawant (aged 12) and Vigneshwar Sawant (aged 12, all of Bekinkere) were injured.

Survey No. at Bekinkere. Sawant family is in possession of 9 acres 30 guntha land in 85/1 85/2. But since the other group is also claiming ownership rights over this land, this land dispute has been pending for many years. Meanwhile, Sawant’s family was assaulted last Thursday to seize the said land by force.Beckinkere

Without stopping the fight, the goons plowed the paddy sown by two tractors and destroyed it. When a complaint was registered in this regard at the Kakati Police Station, the police, considering the seriousness of the incident, instead of registering a case of attempted murder under Section 307 of the IPC, have imposed other sections. Apart from this, this type of incident is not being properly investigated by the police. So far they have not arrested any of the culprits. However, we should pay serious attention to this matter and arrange for strict action to be taken against the attackers immediately. Also, the statement mentions the details of the content that the victim Sawant family and their agricultural land should be protected.

Speaking to the media in this regard, BJP Belgaum Rural Mandal President Dhananjay Jadhav said that while the agricultural land dispute was going on in the court, a gang of 50 people including local goons and some outside goons went to the fields with deadly weapons like swords and knives and attacked the farmers who were sowing. But unfortunately the police administration is turning a blind eye to it. Now, even after four or five days since the complaint, the police has not arrested anyone. I had met the Commissioner of Police in this matter. But they have not taken any action. My clear allegation is that the current Belgaum Rural MLAs and Ministers are behind this case and the attackers are getting their protection. Police officers have been well managed. Jadhav warned that the farmers are being crushed and trampled on in this way and that the police should immediately arrest the attackers and take appropriate action otherwise the farmers of the entire taluk will be organized and start a strong agitation.

Rayat Sangh leader Prakash Nayak said that the failure of the administration can be seen in this case. It is a violation of law to forcibly take possession of agricultural land while the land dispute is sub judice. As the previous government did the same to the farmers, they have to sit at home. Now this new government has started pulling them back. However, the Karnataka State Ryot Sangh will not tolerate this. We are ready to fight here as we fought in death. The incident of hooliganism in Bekinkere is due to the laxity of the government. Then the government should take this matter seriously and take necessary steps immediately, Nayak said.

Recently there has been an increase in threats and hooliganism with lethal weapons in Belgaon rural areas to seize farm lands. Farmers and their families are afraid to go alone in the fields due to the fear of goons. Hooligans recently destroyed and damaged 50 cashew trees in a woman farmer’s land. An attempt is being made to create Goondaraj in Belgaum taluka, as was the case in Uttar Pradesh. Then the district administration and the police department should stop this in time and protect the farmers, it is our earnest request from all the villagers, a villager said while talking to the media. A large number of Bekinkere villagers were present today while submitting a statement to the District Collector. The victimized farmer women who suffered due to bullying were seen crying and expressing their pain.

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