Sweet news from Rachita-Satish Ninasam

The countdown has started for the super hit couple Ninasam Satish- Dimple Queen Rachita Ram coming together again from the movie ‘Ayogya’. The film team has given good news to the fans who were not getting any update about this movie.

The fans who were waiting for the release of the Matney movie have now given a sweet news. The movie ‘Matney’ directed by Manohar Kampalli has been released. The shooting of Satish-Rachhu ‘Matney’ is also over. The movie will be released soon.

On July 17, the film team shared an update about the matinee movie. Similarly, matinee cinema is fixed for the release of the first song. Produced by Parvathy Gowda, this movie Moody Bandiro is releasing its first song. The countdown has started for Rachhu – Satish Neesasam romance.

The matinee song will be revealed on July 21 at 06:03 PM. Rachita Ram is not the only female lead in Satish Neenasam, Aditi Prabhu Deva has also acted.

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