The crop is in Zoom, the rain is still in Zoom!

Crops have grown vigorously even with less rain. Although the fields are overgrown with grass, the overall situation seems to be lacking. Even though the creation is green, there is a need for heavy rains. There is a need for heavy rains to feed the overall rice, if there is a possibility of consecutive rains, there are signs that this year’s crop will be seasonally good, and the farmers seem to be somewhat worried about it.

Field work is going on, along with planting, weeding is going on. The farmer has been ready to remove the grass from the embankment and take the animals. In some places, the work of planting nuts is going on.
Because there is less sign of rain this year, farmers are also worried, but some farmers are paying attention to agriculture with vigor.

Overall, if the rains do not come this year, there are signs that the situation will worsen. At the same time, even if the amount of rain remains low, there is a possibility that there will be a shortage of drinking water this year. It is necessary to keep a proper eye on the water source that we have. Water is a national asset and it is necessary to use it properly, because now if this situation happens in the month of July, then it seems that the coming period will be very difficult. Citizens need to be alert for that. Crop

While paying attention to the overall situation of the farmers, he is not able to afford the farming, every time he goes in deep. Some farmers have also tried experimental changes. It also needs special attention.

Some farmers have tried to plant sweet potato this year in the eastern part. It will be important to see how the experiment succeeds or what happens. The overall value of agriculture is high and the farmers feel that there is an urgent need for heavy rains due to the lack of rain at present.

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