The title of the new play by Pingara artists Bedra team is released

If it arises: The new play titled “Kadamba” by Pingar artist Bedra troupe was launched on Sunday at Kote Door Mahammai temple premises.

Deva ruler Moktesara Naramppadiguthu Sesappa Hegde gave the title to the world. Team leader Manikotebagilu said that our team has received good encouragement for the previous seven plays. Kadamba drama is a different attempt at Tulu theater with an innovative style of stage design. The play will appeal to all age groups and convey a good message. He said that the Kadamba play, which was sealed at Srikshetra Sringeri on June 4, will be released in the month of October.

Stage artist, dramatist Indu Shekhar M., film actor Suresh Anchan, Mahammai Seva Samiti President Rajesh Kotekar, Honorary President Purushottama Shetty, senior troupe artist Vasant Naravi, Mani Kotebagilu’s father Harishchandra Bhat were present. Artist Gautam Wagga welcomed. Shivam Pada narrated the program.

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