There is a change in the pattern of rain in Belgaum

Gone are the days of accurate season forecasting. Monsoon rains, which start in early June, have started in earnest this year in mid-July, which is likely to continue till the end of this month.

This year, the pre-monsoon rains also made a disappointing appearance and the water levels in all the water sources were very low. The pattern of rainfall in Belgaum has changed alarmingly over the past few years. In the past, monsoon started in Belgaum around 7th or 8th June. But in recent times, it has started to make a big difference. This year, monsoon has started after July 15. While we are all rejoicing now that the monsoons have truly begun, it is a time of introspection for all. Today Wednesday 19 July 235 mm at Kankumbi, 152 mm at Londha, M. K. 181.9 mm at Hubli. and 50.2 mm at Belgaum. Rain has been recorded. Also, the rainfall recorded at various rain gauge stations across the district (according to rain gauge station, normal rainfall for the month of July, rainfall on 19th July and total rainfall respectively) is as follows.

Athani HBC : 65 mm, 16.6 mm, 41.8 mm. Baillhongal IB : 129 mm, 29.6 mm, 75.6 mm. Belgaum IB : 455 mm. , 50.2 mm, 176.8 mm.. Chikkodi : 134 mm, 25.2 mm, 88.0 mm.. Gokak : 68 mm, 10.3 mm, 46.5 mm. Hukkeri SF : 150 mm, 16.7 mm, 60.1 mm. mm, 25.2 mm, 88.0 mm. Khanapur : 756 mm, 80.2 mm, 362.0 mm. Kittur : 270 mm, 65.4 mm. , 133.5 mm.. Mudalgi : 67 mm, 16.3 mm, 62.6 mm.. Nippani IB : 201.8 mm, 26.8 mm, 123.7 mm.. Raibag : 74 mm, 13.0 mm, 40.8 mm. Ramdurg : 64 mm, 16.3 mm, 40.8 mm. Saundatti : 76 mm, 19.6 mm ., 56.6 mm..

Monsoon rains are beneficial for water supply and agriculture. But this rain which falls in torrents for a month sometimes becomes a disaster. The proof of which has come to us in the form of flood situation in 2019.

Then, if we want to avoid adverse changes in climate, we must pay serious attention to the signs that nature is showing us. Accordingly, our environment should be preserved and restored. For that, especially trees, shrubs and plants should be protected and conserved.

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