This over bridge, which is submerged in darkness, is becoming dangerous

The over bridge at Tilakwadi 3rd Railway Gate is such a fine example of engineering that since its construction, complaints have started. Now the bridge has become dangerous for motorists at night due to lack of street lights.

Although the over bridge at Tilakwadi 3rd Railway Gate has been constructed at a cost of crores of rupees, this bridge is becoming dangerous for the motorists instead of being convenient within a few days of its inauguration. Within three-four days after the inauguration, the road on this bridge collapsed. Similarly, the road on the bridge was not asphalted or concreted at the footing on one side.

Therefore, the drivers going to and fro over the bridge had to put in a lot of effort while driving to the respective places. Recently, three persons were injured and one of them was critically injured in a triple accident on this bridge.

Now all the streetlights on this over bridge are off at present. So the path on this bridge is getting dark at night. As a result, motorists have to carefully navigate their vehicles with their headlights on while entering the bridge. Considering the dark atmosphere of Sadar Bridge at night, the possibility of a speeding vehicle or a novice driver of a serious accident cannot be ruled out.

The winter session of Karnataka government in Belgaum is nearing. So maybe this over bridge will be published soon but if an accident happens before then who is responsible for it? Such an angry question is being asked by motorists who always come and go on this route.

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