tips to get high paying jobs as a freshers, How can freshers get high paying jobs in India? Here are simple tips.. – how do i get a high paying jobs as a freshers tips in kannada

After getting their desired qualification, what everyone looks forward to is the grand job that pays handsomely. That job should be their dream field, good facilities, leave rules, employment rules should be good.

Even as a fresher it is everyone’s dream that I want a higher paying job. But no one knows what that high-paying journey is like, how much preparation is required to land a high-paying job.

So in today’s article how to prepare to get a good salary even as a fresher is told here through only 12 tips about the plan from student life to career start.

1. Good study habits should be developed at secondary school level.
2. In addition to getting high marks in high school studies, participate more in extracurricular activities. Engage in sports / music / self service / part time work.
3. Try to join good / reputed colleges for college studies. All good incentives and facilities should be there.
4. Seek financial aid for college education if needed. Get an educational loan and do your studies.
5. Apply for internships in companies in the fields of interest during or after your studies of interest.

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6 Work in school career centers. Learn about interview skills, resume reviews, information sessions and on-campus recruiting programs here.
7. Connect with senior students of your colleges.
8. At this stage you will get ten – many offers when you are ready to join the job. Also check all offers now. A higher salary offer may be OK.
9. Work for 3-5 years first. Then take part-time degrees related to your field along with work.
10. Take additional professional certificate programs related to your field of employment.

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11. Learn the latest technical skills and soft skills required for your job field. It increases your salary every year. Job offers promotion. Increases job security.

12. If you follow the above steps, when your financial situation is good, you can start your own business in the field of work experience if you feel that working for someone else / other companies is not enough.

What is the highest salary freshers can get in India?
Freshers can get up to Rs.2.8 lakhs per annum at entry level. With an experience of 4-9 years, the average annual salary can be up to Rs.5.5 lakhs.

Are you preparing a resume for a new job.. If yes then don’t apply these topics..!

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