Two brothers acquitted of attempted murder

Judge Mustafa Hussain of the Belgaum Chief District Court on Tuesday acquitted the other two brothers from the charge of attempted murder of a friend’s brother due to lack of strong evidence.

The acquitted names are Mahesh Baban Gawli and Shyam Baban Gawli. The information of the said case is that the ancestral home of the injured Srikant Baban Gawli (Rest. Tilakwadi) and the suspected accused Mahesh Gawli and Shyam Gawli (both Res. Tilakwadi) Belgaum is in Tilakwadi and there were frequent fights between them for that house.

Last June 5, 2020, Shrikant Gawli took his buffaloes to the Vaccine Depot Tilakwadi for grazing. Mahesh and Shyam, who were there at that time, quarreled with him. This fight resulted in Srikanth being beaten with an iron long and a stick and seriously injured. After that Srikanth’s wife Deepa filed a complaint against Mahesh Gawli and Shyam Gawli in Tilakwadi police station.

The Tilakwadi police have registered an I.D.V. against the accused. A charge sheet was filed in the court under Section 34 along with Section 307, 504, 506. However, the court today acquitted both the accused for lack of strong evidence. On behalf of the accused, Adv. Pratap Yadav, Adv. Hemraj Benchannavar and Adv. Swapnil Naik supervised the work.

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