upsc art and culture exam notes, What are the best notes for the art and culture subject of the UPSC exam? Here is the answer.. – what are the best notes for art and culture for the upsc

Candidates who clear the prelims in the UPSC exam have to choose any one optional subject for the mains exam. Some of these topics are not selected as sources are less. One kind of problem nowadays but for some topics even the source is not available often. In this regard, some people recently asked what are the best notes for Indian art and culture that are asked in the prelims and main exams, what should be read. The answer is given here.

According to those who have already served Indian Administrative Service (IAS), what are the best notes for Arts and Culture? Here is what can be read.

Important Information to Know for IAS, IFS Exam Application..

Art and Culture is said to be a tough topic in the UPSC exam. Preparation for this topic is also said to be difficult in a single note.

How to manage time to study for UPSC exams along with work? Follow these tips..

No matter how much you study for UPSC exam, it is less. Therefore, to cope with the lack of time, reading limited content, available content and repeating the same frequently is an appropriate strategy.

Details can be seen by looking at photos, videos on Google. Even if we don’t remember much, through these sources, the exam will definitely be repeated in the near future, said IAS passers.

Other sources for arts and culture topics include,
By Nitin Singhania – Indian Art and Culture Book.
NCERT Syllabus Books
NIOS Books
Igno Books
Unacademy Videos

Studying the above sources, you can prepare your own notes. Current affairs on art and culture can be added to the notes. Solve the questions in Vision and Vajiram Test Series and note them down.

Mandar Patki cleared UPSC with 22nd rank in first attempt without training

Mains exam will have questions on many topics which are not fully understood. So it is better to read and understand the syllabus about art and culture well.

Today there are more sources related to art and culture online (Text and Video Format), it is better to find the related source by understanding the syllabus properly.

Here is a step by step guide to get good notes for UPSC exam..

What is the total number of optional subjects to opt for UPSC Mains Exam?
There are a total of 26 optional subjects and one can choose any one of the 23 language literatures in literature.

How many literary languages ​​are allowed to be chosen as optional subjects in UPSC Mains Examination?
You can choose any literature in total 23 languages.

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