upsc preparation tips for degree students, how to start preparation for UPSC civil services exam from the first year of degree? – how should start preparation for the upsc cse from first year degree

There is no need to focus on UPSC CSE when you are studying in first year degree. Better to focus more on the optional subjects of your degree. Because, if you read them properly, you can choose these as your optional subjects and score well. Also, if you know more current affairs every day, read newspapers and make short notes, you will have completed more than half of your preparation by the end of your degree.

However, you should study for UPSC Civil Services Exam from first year degree level itself, ie after college, devote few hours to study as per below plan.

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The first step to sit for any competitive exam is to know the syllabus of that exam like before preparing for a war you need to know about the enemy.

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Now if you are studying in first degree.. UPSC exam aspirants.. follow below tips.

1 Download UPSC CSE Syllabus.

2. Watch videos of some UPSC IAS, IPS toppers, listen to their study patterns, strategies. Write down important points on a sheet of paper. After reviewing it, follow your own strategies.

3. Buy NCERT history, geography, polity, economics books from class 9 to 12, read them one after the other.

4. Analyze your strengths and weaknesses while studying for this exam. If you are more confident then read on, whatever subjects you are weak in.. read more of them.

5. Mains exam marks are always determined based on the optional subject you choose. So choose your optional subject as soon as possible. Allow more time for optional subjects in the beginning. This will be your strength in later days.

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If you follow the above tips along with your subjects at the graduation stage, you will be well prepared for the UPSC Prelims, Mains exam.

Read as much as possible taking notes on your own. Practice writing more.

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