UPSC Preparation With Job How to manage time to study for UPSC exams along with work? Follow these tips.. – how did you manage upsc preparation with a job what are some study tips for working professionals

Practice time management

Daily reading and weekend reading is a tough task for working professionals. Also, one should never think that success is too close. So time management needs to be mastered well. Divide this time table by all.

Set up an area where no visitors will disturb you

Arrange no-visitor/frequent-disturbance areas

No one will have any problem if someone talks frequently while reading. Who doesn’t get annoyed by frequent calls? tell me So arrange a good reading space with your study books and computer. Let it be a place where no one bothers you often. Let it be your special study area. Have a calm environment. Whenever you have free time, you should find the same space suitable for reading. Create such a space.

Take advantage of technologies

Take advantage of technologies

Class notes or notes made by self-reading are necessary for everyone’s study. But many cannot manage it neatly. Also, if you keep writing every word while taking notes, you may miss out on many important things. So make use of today’s advanced technologies. With many study applications, there is an opportunity today for better preparation in all dimensions.

Mandar Patki cleared UPSC with 22nd rank in first attempt without training

Take advantage early

Take advantage early

Minimum 21 years of age eligibility for all multiple posts, any degree qualification Eligibility to participate in recruitment processes. So take advantage of your age and your degree early. Re-read the graduation notes you read. Also use the notes of seniors who have already applied.

Hotel waiter.. 6 times UPSC fail, 7th time Jayganesh became IAS with 156 AIR

You can also read while traveling if possible

You can also read while traveling if possible

There are many examples of people who have passed UPSC after studying and working in a company / public service. One can recall here how many of them gave their time to UPSC during their commute. The explanation is as follows.

Pradeep Singh Success Story who got 1st Rank in UPSC Exam., Preparation using YouTube with work..

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