Water is water in Ballari Nala area, crops are under water

Due to the heavy rains that have been going on in Belgaum city area since last week, the Ballari Nala area has become flooded due to heavy rains since yesterday morning. At present, the water of the drain has entered the Shiwars and thousands of hectares of agriculture have gone under the flood water.

Due to the flood of Ballari drain, Yellur Shiwar, Vadgaon Shiwar, Angole Shiwar, Yermal Road Shiwar, Old Belgaon Shiwar in the city area are currently flooded with water. B. in the city. S. The flood water of Ballari drain has reached Yeddyurappa Road.

Due to low pressure water drainage due to the garbage accumulated under the bridge at this place, the buildings along the road have been surrounded by flood water due to large amount of water.

Therefore, as soon as the water recedes, there is a need to remove the garbage and silt from under the bridge. Due to the flood in Ballari Nalla, agriculture has been hit hard and the paddy crop has suffered a lot.Crop loss halga bellari

Due to heavy rain yesterday, flood water also started entering the houses in the low lying areas of Keshavnagar, Annapurneswarinagar, Anandnagar, Balkrishnanagar near the Ballari drain. Citizens rushed to take out the materials from the houses where the water entered. Due to the negligence of the administration, every year the Ballari Nalla gets flooded and the farmers are affected.

This year too the paddy crop has been damaged and now as the flood water will not recede soon, the farmers are demanding that the government-administration solve the problem of Ballari Nalla flood forever.

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