Best parks in Belguam  for kids

Srinagar garden Nice garden with good playing equipments like swing,sliders , see saw . It's well maintained garden and a good landmark too. There is a good walking track and rose garden .Entering and coming out of the animal mouths is the main attraction of the garden .

Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj garden The Great Marata Warrior " Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj" The statue of the Chatrapati gives a real look from the entrance of the garden. .Very green environment, gets very crowded on weekends. Beside another gandhi park joint. Between these two drainage divides parks. While crossing drainage it stinks a lot. For childrens separate playing. Adult open gym available. Walking n running tracks. Beautiful Fountain.

Militray Mahadev temple comes under the premises of Maratha Light Infantry Regiment Camp at Belagavi city. Shivalinga is the main deity worshiped at this temple. Military people are patrolling here around this temple. It’s a perfect spot in the city for a half day picnic with a family. Variety of Outdoor play set are available for children to play at the park. Apart from these, those interested in history can spend their time watching various showcases of different Forts built under Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj.

Sharquat park Such a beautiful and small park made in the memory of warriors of Maratha LIRC who fought world war and conquered the heights of sharquat in Iraq. This park is made for commemorating those warriors. Well maintained and the greenery is good for a fresh walk. There is a small kids play area too.

Science park Best place for children's as well elders to spend time ..Some science related stuffs are also present ..which will help in getting some basic info about what is it and how does it work spend time playing there while elders enjoy silence as well walk ..some renovation is needed...Kids play along those animal headed garden best thing for kids to play is along tortoise statue ....where they can climb on it or go inside it and play hide n seek n all place to spend weekends ..

Dr. Ambedkar Garden  Cool place with tall trees covering the entire garden area, it's small when compared to sharqat or shri nagar garden, if you're looking for a peaceful place I wouldn't suggest this, as it is located besides the busiest road, however you can still go over here in the afternoons as it is open at all times,

The mini zoo at the Kittur Rani Chennamma Nisargadhama is proficient with nature’s bounty. The mini zoo located thirteen km from Belagavi town at Bhutramanhatti village on Pune-Bangalore National Highway is well worth paying a visit