what are a few exam writing tips, any competitive exam writer should remember to follow these tips.. – what are a few exam writing tips to get good marks in kannada

Candidates who are going to write any exam should write the exam well, don’t get distracted in any way, don’t forget the answer, finish the exam with good time management i.e. follow the instructions/suggestions given below.

Do not listen to any song before writing the exam. It is repeated in your mind from the mouth. Due to this, the answers you read or know may disappear.

Do not drink too much water. This reduces the urge to urinate frequently during the test. Then you can focus more on writing the answers in the exam. Also the examination room can stay away from the process of begging the invigilator.

Don’t listen to crying children or sad words from anyone before going to the exam. You don’t want to talk.

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First, write all the answers you can write as accurately as possible.

If there is no negative marks, answer any question without leaving it out.

Don’t sit and think about a single question for a long time. Be time conscious. Pay more attention to time management.

Take at least 2 pens and attend the exam.

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As you answer, keep adding up points. Then you will get an idea of ​​minimum or maximum marks you can get.

Cross check that the question paper is printed correctly.

Read the instructions on the question paper page carefully. Sometimes some may have answered the question given to the blind candidates. So read carefully.

Even after writing the answers, check the questions and answers once.

Check whether the correct register number, question paper version number, name, other information is written in the answer sheet.

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