The border coordination minister’s visit to know the feelings of the Marathi people stuck in the border areas of Karnataka was cancelled.

Karnataka BJP and Chief Minister of Karnataka are behind the cancellation of this tour, while Maharashtra BJP has come to the fore. The Border Coordinating Minister coming to know the sentiments could not come up with a concrete stand. This has been the misfortune and tragedy of the border dwellers. In such a situation, the question has arisen as to what is the future of the border issue.

The situation that arose after Karnataka Chief Minister Basavaraj Bommai went to Delhi to meet the central leaders and the cancellation of the Dora, what position will be taken in the case of the border issue? Such a question has been raised and confusion has arisen among the border residents that if the Maharashtra BJP continues to take a similar stand, there will be a bad situation in terms of litigation.

There was a possibility that Chandrakant Dada Patil and Shambhuraj Desai’s show would flop. BJP in Karnataka has shown that it is better than BJP in Maharashtra. On the one hand, instead of appointing these knowledgeable leaders to the expert committee on the border issue, instead of appointing Por Savda MP, the Maharashtra BJP has started the process of doing injustice by shaking the side of the border residents in different ways, the failure of the Maharashtra BJP to complete this tour has raised the question among the border residents that what kind of politics is the BJP doing now? has been

Elections are coming soon in Karnataka, what politics is the Maharashtra BJP doing to make the BJP a hero among the people of Karnataka? Such a question has arisen and in the atmosphere of that confusion, if the Maharashtra BJP does not take a proper stand, the place in the minds of the Marathi people is going to decrease in the case of the BJP.

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