Where has it rained in the last three days?

Schools and colleges in Khanapur taluka have not been given a holiday for the last two days due to the heavy rains that have been going on in Belgaum district since last week.

As expected, Khanapur taluka has recorded the highest average rainfall in this month while Ramdurg taluka has recorded the lowest rainfall.

In the month of July, Khanapur taluka recorded 756 m m of rainfall while Ramdurg taluk recorded the lowest rainfall of only 64 m m.

In Belgaum taluka 455 m m of rain has been recorded in July besides Athani 65 m m, Bailakhongal 129 m m, Chikodi 134 m m, Gokak 68 m m, Hukkeri 150 m m, Kagwad 68.5 m m, Kittur 270 m m, Mudalgi 67 m m Nipani 201 m m, Raibag 74 m m and Saund. 76m of rainfall has been recorded in Thatti.

Rain increased in three days

In the last three days, between July 23 and 25, Khanapur received 716 m of rain, Belgaon taluka 416 m of rain, and below that, Kittur received 353 m of rain, Nipani 216 m of rain and Bailahongal 175 m of rain.

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