Will Hescom pay attention to ‘these’ power poles only after loss of life?

Due to heavy rains, four-five electric poles along the road at Alarwad Cross have collapsed in waterlogged fields for the past three to four days.

Will Hescom, which does not take notice even after complaining, take up repair work only after loss of life at this place? Such an angry question has been asked by the farmer Krishna Santaji along with other farmers.

Due to heavy rains, four-five electric poles on the road at Alarwad Cross have collapsed in the adjacent waterlogged fields for the past four days.

Due to this pole lying in the water-filled beds of the fields along with the electric wires, the lives of the farmers and farm laborers coming to work in the fields have become a threat. Talking to Belgaon Live about this, farmer Krishna Santaji said that this incident happened last three-four days and even after complaining repeatedly till now, Hescom officials and employees are ignoring our complaint.Hescom negligence

Currently there are agricultural work days. In such a situation, we have to work for dear life due to fallen electricity poles. He expressed his anger over Hescom’s irresponsibility, saying that even after four days, the electricity poles have not been restored and repaired. Also, who is responsible for the loss of life due to the fallen electricity pole in the field? He also asked this question.

Like Santaji, other farmers of Alarwad Cross are also expressing deep anger over HESCOM’s irresponsible management. Meanwhile, a strong demand is being made that the senior officials of Hescom along with the people’s representatives should take serious note and repair the dangerous electricity poles that have collapsed in the farm at Alarwad Cross on a war footing and restore them safely and give life to the farmers.

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