1600 in the state, while 7 unauthorized schools in Belgaum

Due to the fact that many complaints have been filed regarding the establishment of schools without permission, the Education Department has decided to publish the list of schools where such schools are being opened. Accordingly, when the information was collected, it has come to the notice of the Education Department that there are a total of 1600 unauthorized schools in the state including 7 schools in Belgaum district.

To start a school of any medium one has to take formal permission from the Education Department. While applying for permission, one has to provide the necessary information like building, basic facilities, ground etc. for starting the school.

After applying to the education department with this information, the education authority should verify everything and allow the school or not? They decide on this. However, some congregations are starting LKG, UKG classes and nursery schools without taking permission from the Education Department.

At this place, the school continues for two years without providing any facilities to the students and then it is closed. Since students from urban areas are the most affected, complaints against such schools have increased. As a result, the Education Department had decided to collect information on schools that were running unauthorized.

Accordingly, when the information is collected, it is clear that there are a total of 1600 unauthorized schools in the state. This includes 7 schools in Belgaum Educational District. Now the education department has decided to take action against those schools by announcing the list of schools started without permission.

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