A burglar, a burglar, a thief; 4 lakh jewelery seized

Tilakwadi police nabbed a thief and seized gold and silver jewelery worth Rs 4 lakh while cracking down on two burglary cases in Tilakwadi.

The accused thief arrested by the police has been identified as Anil Kumar Misrilal Rajbar (age 36, resident of Bodari, Uttar Pradesh). A few days ago, a complaint was registered in the Tilakwadi Police Station about the theft of gold and silver jewelery from a house in Bhagyanagar and another house in Mrityunjayanagar under its jurisdiction.House theft

In this case, under the guidance of senior police officers, a team headed by a police inspector of Tilakwadi police station took up the investigation and arrested Anil Kumar Rajbar.

After he confessed to the theft when he was taken into custody and interrogated, the police seized gold and silver jewelery worth Rs 4 lakh and started further legal proceedings.

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