A statement to the District Collector regarding Chabuk Morcha

A statement on behalf of the farmers of Belgaum taluka against the Belgaum ring road on November 28 was presented to the district collector under the leadership of the Maharashtra Integration Committee.



The statement submitted under the leadership of former MLA Manohar Kinekar, working president of Belgaum Taluka Maharashtra Integration Committee, was accepted by the Assistant Collector. On this occasion, former mayor Shivaji Sunthkar, former district Pt. Member Saraswati Patil, Ex. Pt. Member Sunil Ashtekar, R. i. Patil, MG Patil, Sudhir Chavan, Sham Patil, etc. Committee workers and farmers were present. For the past few days, the administration has been trying to make Belgaum Ring Road.

A large number of farmers have lodged objections with the National Highways Authority against this. But now the farmers have decided to continue their agitation until the ring road decision is cancelled. Accordingly, a few days ago Taluka M. A. In the farmers’ meeting organized by the committee, it has been decided to take out a grand whip march on November 28 to show strong opposition to the ring road.

Speaking to the media after submitting a statement to the District Collector regarding the march, former MLA Manohar Kinnekar said that a notification was published in the English daily Hindu on October 13, 2022 that the National Highway Authority is going to take over 1300 acres of land for the Belgaum Ring Road. In it, he had mentioned that anyone interested in their own land should file an objection against the ring road within 21 days. Accordingly, out of 846 survey numbers, 823 people have registered objections. But as there is a fear in the minds of the farmers that the government will not cancel the project even after registering objections in this way, it has been decided to hold a whip march here on the 28th in the farmers’ meeting held four days ago. In this morcha, the farmer families of the respective 32 villages will participate, besides, all the farmers in Belgaum taluka will participate in the march to support them. Kinekar said that we have submitted a statement to the Collector today to inform him.

We have also mentioned in our statement that if the ring road project is canceled in the next 10 days considering the opposition of the farmers, there will be a whip march and since the farmers will come out in large numbers at that time, if there is any law and order problem, the government will be responsible for it. . If development is to be achieved by destroying the farmers, it will not be allowed to happen. We will not give away our lands under any circumstances.

Why do we need a ring road to solve Belgaum’s traffic problem? Why not fly over? In big cities like Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore, Nagpur, the traffic problem has been resolved by making fly over bridges. We will not give even an inch of land for the ring road, even if we lose our lives. “We will not be silent unless we save the black mother,” is the sentiment that has fueled the farmer and will be reflected in the march on the 28th. Former MLA Manohar Kinekar expressed the opinion that the government should cancel the Belgaum Ring Road project on time.

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