An average of 0.78 percent NOTA voting in Belgaum constituencies

Compared to the total voting in the three constituencies of Belgaum in the current assembly elections, the option of none of the above (NOTA), i.e. the right not to vote for anyone, has been used on an average of 0.78 percent. Compared to 1 percent in the previous 2018 elections, the adoption of notes has decreased a bit this time.

At this time, 1599 nota votes have been recorded in Belgaum South Constituency which is 1 percent of the total voting. Therefore, there has been no difference in the votes in this constituency since last year 2018.

Similarly, 0.57 percent of the total voting i.e. 1165 nota votes have been recorded in Belgaon Rural Constituency. In Belgaum North Constituency, 1161 i.e. 0.78 percent nota votes have been cast as compared to the total voting.

None of the candidates in the electoral fray will be qualified in their own opinion. For that, if a candidate wants to express his displeasure without voting, the Election Commission of India has allowed the voters to vote by note as an alternative. Even though the number of registered ballots in this election is low, it is significant that so many voters can exercise their right to vote. The following is the percentage of note votes recorded in the three assembly constituencies of Belgaum in the previous and current elections. Belgaum South :2023 -1.00%, 2018 -1.00%. Belgaum Rural :2023 -0.57%, 2018 -1.05%. Belgaum North :2023 -0.78%, 2018 -0.92%.

The following are the statistics of nota votes recorded in 18 assembly constituencies of Belgaum district. Raibag -1860, Ramdurg -1646, Belgaum South -1599, Saundatti -169, Athani -1037, Belgaum Rural -1165, Bailahongal -1319, Gokak -160, Yamakanmardi -996, Kagawad -985, Chikkodi Sadalga -957, Kudchi -643 , Khanapur -1236, Nipani -919, Hukkeri -1168, Belgaum North -1161 and Kittur -802.

After voting the ‘NOTA’, the average voting percentage is taken into account. But it is not included in the voting of the candidates in the arena. However, this type of voting is likely to result in a narrow defeat of the candidates. For this, the election department does not create awareness about the note.

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