Avoidance of election work on false pretext is crime

The Election Commission has warned that criminal action will be taken against the concerned if it is found that the government employees have avoided election work by giving false reasons. Similarly, are the employees who apply for sick leave really sick? A medical officer has been appointed to investigate this.

Election Commission appoints employees and officers of various government departments for election work. During this period all employees are known as election employees. All employees are subject to the Election Commission from the time the Code of Conduct is promulgated till the election is conducted.

Due to more work pressure during this period, many employees try to avoid election work by giving false excuses. But now there is a possibility of filing a criminal case against such employees. In case of non-appearance for election duty, there is a provision in the law to file an FIR and arrest the concerned employees and then bring them back to duty.

Only pregnant women who are about to give birth, employees with three to four months left for retirement and employees with serious illnesses are exempted from election duty. In addition, no reason is considered. At present, a single window has been opened in the Collectorate office for the employees applying for exemption from election work.

Applications of employees are being accepted at this place. He is also undergoing a preliminary examination by the health officials of the district hospital. In the last two days, 115 employees have applied to the District Election Officer’s office and requested to be excluded from election work.

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