‘Bera’ will hit the screens across the state on June 16.

Bantwala : Directed by Vinubalanja, a famous director who has a different story line of the dark conflict of the coast, who informs the people about the actual issues happening in the society and creates awareness, SLV Groups India Pvt. Managing Director Divakara Das Nerlaje’s debut film ‘Bera’ produced under SLV Colors banner will hit the screens across the state including DK district on June 16.

After ‘Kashmir Files’ and ‘Kerala Story’, this film which has been produced with a focus on the coast, now ‘Bera’ will do the job of shedding light on the real truth of the society on the same path.

Teaser of another movie – released recently. It can be understood at a glance that this movie has made an attempt to show the story that takes place around the coast. This movie is shot in Kalladka of Bantwala taluk of Dakshina Kannada district and tells the story of Hindu-Muslim conflict.

It is significant that a movie based on the story of the communal conflict of the Karnataka coast is coming at a time when there is a claim that ‘Kashmir Files’ and ‘Kerala Story’ are movies based on the actual story of Kashmir and Kerala respectively. Famous TV director Vinu Balanja has directed this movie and the movie has a tagline of ‘Merchant of Death’. The movie is said to be about people who use innocent youths of Hindu and Muslim religion for their profit. It is said that there is a picture of the leadership using the death of Hindu and Muslim youths for their selfishness, and along with all this, there is also a thread of extremism in the film.

The trailer of the film has already been released and during the release of the trailer, director Vinu has made a statement that ‘the aim of this film is that no child of any family should die’. Due to this statement, the movie is likely to contain a story against people who use religions to victimize innocent people.

Not only did most of the artists from the coastal region act in this film, most of the film was shot in Yasir’s museum at Kalladka in Bantwala taluk. The rest of the film, which has been shot in various parts of the coast, will release on June 16.
Cinematography by Rajasekhar Ramatnal is produced by Ram Das Shetty Vitla. Music directed by Manikanth Kadri, this movie stars Duttanna, Suman Talwar, Harshika Poonach, Ashwin Haasan, Chitkala Biradar, Manjunath Hegde, Swaraj Shetty, Tammanna Shetty, Shine Shetty, Anjali Sudhakar, Guru Hegde, Rakesh Maya, Deepak Rai Panaje, Dhaval Deepak. Acted in the role.

Karunada Chakraborty Dr. has released the teaser of another movie directed by Vinu Balanja produced by Diwakar Das Nerlaje under SLV Colors banner. Released by Shivraj Kumar, it got more than ten lakh views and went viral. Now the trailer of Bera film has been released on Anand Audio YouTube channel, the priest of Sri Kshetra Dharmasthala Dr. The trailer of the movie ‘Bera’ which was watched by D Virendra Heggade and released with good wishes, created a great atmosphere. The trailer of another movie with a different and strong story is making a huge noise with more than 5 lakh views.

Movie lovers have already expressed their appreciation for the teaser and trailer of another movie that will be released on June 16, and now the trailer is making a lot of noise everywhere and it has increased the interest of movie lovers even more. The movie is going to be released across the state right now, along with all the theaters in D.K. district, G.L., Puttur. The show will also be seen in the Bharat Cinema in the Mahal.

Debut of SLV Colors Banner:
The movie ‘Bera’ is from Nerlaje of Idkidu village in Bantwala taluk. Ramdas – The. S. L. V. of Mysore who is the son of Sundari Ramdas. Books India Pvt. Managing Director Diwakara Das Nerlajera S.L.V. It is the debut film being produced under the Colors banner. Diwakardas Nerlaje, a businessman, is a philanthropist and it is special that he always donates a part of the profit from his business to the poor of the society.

Diwakara Das, who has made a name for himself across Karnataka in selling school children’s books, has now made another film for his friend Vinu Balanjara in his own new SLV. It is special to create a banner and produce a film under it.

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