Decline in Rakskop Reservoir Water Level: A Summer Water Scarcity Problem?

Belgaum Due to the decrease in the water level of the Rakskop Reservoir, which supplies water to the city of Belgaum, the people of Belgaum have to face water shortage in the face of summer. If there is no rain in time in the month of June, the problem of water scarcity may arise.

The 24 hours water scheme which is running in Belgaum to solve the problem of water shortage is currently on the verge of disruption and as a precautionary measure the regular schedule is being changed and water is being supplied late. Also the schedule of water supply has been changed.

The water level of Rakskop Reservoir has decreased and the water level has decreased by approximately four feet compared to last year. It is better if the monsoon starts in the month of June but during summer days people are requested to use water sparingly and cooperate with the water supply board.

At present, there is 2475 feet of water in the Rakskop Reservoir and as the problem of water shortage has arisen in the month of February itself, the citizens are also facing the question of how to spend the entire summer.

Taking into account the decrease in the water storage level in the Rakskop reservoir, it is seen that more water has been withdrawn than usual. There is also a possibility of disruption of water supply to the city if the monsoon is delayed. There is also a possibility of reduction in water supply. Therefore, in view of this situation, it is necessary for citizens to use water sparingly from now on.

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