Dhruva Sarja gifted a car worth 52 lakhs to a friend

Sandalwood star action prince Dhruva Sarja has gifted his best friend Ashwin a Toyota Fortuner worth 52 lakhs on his birthday. Dhruva Sarja took Ashwin’s friend on his birthday and gave him a car as a surprise gift to surprise him. Dhruva Sarja’s video of giving a surprise gift to his friend has gone viral on social media.

Talking to the media about the expensive gift received from Dhruva Sarja, Ashwin said, “I did not know that such a gift would be given to me. He has planned everything and given a gift as a surprise. They also gave me a photo of my parents which I had not seen. Dhruva Sarja is a person who values ​​friendship very much. He has helped so many people.

Many people have paid hospital bills. School fees have been paid. Helped everyone who came. But not those who promoted anything. He also said that the video given to me as a gift should not go out. But I have made a video to tell people what they are doing,” he said.

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