Director HD Arya’s statement in a press conference

Director HD Arya said that the movie Pirkilu Tulu produced by Satish Perne and Shivprasad Izzau under the banner of Coastal Cinemas will be released on May 26 across the Coastal district.

Speaking at a press conference held at Mangalore’s press club, he said that the film is a comedy and family story, and it is a one-line story that humorously conveys the mischief created by the boys called Pirkilu by the people of the town.

The movie will be screened simultaneously in various theaters of the coast, the star cast includes Tulanada Manikya Aravinda Bolar, Navarasaraja Bojaraja Vamanjooru, comedy hitler Deepak Rai Panje, Ravi Ramakunja in lead roles. Vardhan and Sandesh as lead actors, Salome D’Souza and Lata as heroines. He said that Sumitra Rai, Amita, Naveen Bondel, Arpan, Anil Rai, Ranjith Rai, Thimmappa Kulal, Prabhakar Shetty, Mohan Soni etc. have acted in this film. Actor Sudesh, producer Shivprasad Izzau, photographer AR Krishna, Alisha, Lata were present in the press conference.

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