Even though the temperature of the city is 33 degrees, the heat remains constant

Currently, today Wednesday as well as for the last few days, the temperature of Belgaum city is stable at 33 degrees Celsius, but due to large-scale killing of trees and the growing forest of concretization, the temperature of Belgaum city has recently increased to a large extent and there is a need to seriously consider this.

Belgaum, known as the Mahabaleshwar of the poor, has recently started to rise. So many people are thinking while leaving home. In mid-April last, the temperature in the city rose to 38 degrees Celsius. At that time, the weather department had predicted that the temperature would rise to 40 degrees. Belgaum city has recorded a temperature of 33 degrees Celsius today, but the intensity of heat has not reduced much.

Asphalt roads have recently been replaced by concrete roads. Therefore, walking on the heated concrete, the heat is felt more and more.

Due to the increase in heat in the city, many people are using fans, AC and coolers to avoid the heat. The heat has also started affecting the market. Experts and experts are of the opinion that due to the huge concrete buildings being constructed in the name of development, the environmental balance of the Belgaum city has deteriorated.

This is just the beginning, the said congregations have also warned that if the killing of trees continues, a very serious situation will arise. Similarly, keeping in mind the overall situation, the administration and public representatives need to take precautionary steps.

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